About Us

Emily A. Akuno  is currently Associate Professor of Music Education and Performance.  She has a wealth of experience in curriculum development, research and documentation with a number of graduate students currently and previously under her supervision.
As proprietor of Emak Music Services, Professor Akuno’s primary agenda is the provision of material for music education.  Having started with production of proceedings, a journal and an authored title, her intentions are to partner with music writers and arrangers to publish their compositions, as there is still no publishing house that produces sheet music.  This comes from the challenges she has faced over the past 5 years as she served the nation through the Kenya Music Festival, first as a committee member, and lately as the chairperson.  Music presented at the festival, having been composed or arranged, often goes into oblivion.  These and other works of art, results of Kenyan’s creativity, need to be archived or documented for posterity, and to provide ready material to facilitate music education and appreciation.  This will help develop the art forms and the artists, ultimately contributing to the growth of the music industry in Kenya.  To this end, Professor Akuno is determined to make a difference.